Hello everyone! I hope your day is great!

Here are the plans for June 2022! They may change a little until middle of month

Lady D Steps on You | Stockings edition [2:30 minutes]: Stockings version of the original animation available here or here

Ada Wong: Shrinking Seduction POV [2-3 minutes]: Secret agent Ada shrinks you down with her kisses. Steps on you and puts you in her shoe!

Juri Han: Sparring soles POV [1-2 minutes]: You are Juri’s new sparring partner! unlucky you! She will kick you,, step on you, make your worship her stinky feet and maybe even give you a footjob if you are lucky!

Soul Mirror: Episode 0: The Villiger W.I.P.: My original character movie. The ultimate foot fetish fantasy!

Supporter image requests: I make images for supporters! Consider supporting me for a chance to get your image made!

POV: Ganked by KDA VR: Surrounded by 4 beautiful feet all over your face in VR? Being ganked has never looked so GOOD!

Lady D Steps on You POV VR: WATCH OUT! Big vampire milf is about to trample your plushie body in VR. Can you survive her huge soles?


Lady D Steps on You: Feel the soles of a huge Vampire milf as she steps on and tramples you under her feet!

Other images: I will be posting images from previous image requests too!

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Have a nice day! <3

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