High quality animation and sound design!

Each commission will have

High quality animation

The highest, most detailed animation in any style or FPS you like. From 24 to 60 FPS.


Hand sculpted and animated details like fluids, contact pressure and wrinkles.

Even more detail than my public content!!

Each of these details is unique to each commission. You can also choose for me to use a reference picture of a feet style

High quality sound

Professional sound mixing, detailed to match the animation. Optinal voice acting available!

Use your OC ! Detailed updates and discuss

I can animate your Original character if you have a 3D model of them!

I will keep you updated and discuss with you in detail any changes or specific things you want me to cover. You can contact me anytime to discuss.

– Foot fetish animation
– POV animation
– ASMR style and immersive sound

I only take commissions for the custom characters I created. I can also animate your original character OR if you can assure me the creator of the character you choose is okay for their character to be used, I can animate their character too.

Commissions Characters here:

PRICING All prices include modelling, sculpting, animation, sound and rendering costs:

These are average prices, it depends on complexity of your commission idea. If you have a specific request, Please contact and tell me this. The prices can change.

PATREONS can get up to 20% off!

1 character: 40
+ Extra clothes or NSFW variant: +30
+ Extra character: +40

1 character (and optional male) | 10 second animation: 180

Original character- I make it: +200
Original character – you have model: +45 IF I need to make the animation RIG

Custom foot reference you choose: +60
Custom outfit you choose: +80
Comeshot: +30
Voice acting: + 60



Deadline: 1-2 months. Most will be finished in 1 month unless it is a long animation
What I do NOT do: Extreme content, violent content, Loli characters, scat, furry

I am allowed to share your personal animation W.I.P content on my patreon.
I can extend the deadline by at least 1 month if needed (VERY RARE, usually for voice acting delay)
I can cancel the commission if needed (0.0001% chance this will ever happen)

Payment is either upfront or 3/4 upfront and 1/4 when you see the sound test

If you agree to these rules and you have a commission idea, please contact me to get a price estimate!

Discord: AllFs#0475

Slots remaining: 1

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