These are some common tips I have told people who have spoken to me about mental health and use of this material.

How to use this material

  1. DO NOT USE – Like coffee, TV, food, video games, alcohol and other things. We all know that sex and porn can be addictive. It is best to avoid it whenever you can, Choose other activity that can develop you.
  2. END OF THE DAY – If you ever decide to view this material, make sure EVERYTHING in your day is done. All of your work, chores or other obligation. This will provide more satisfaction and implant a habbit of doing work first.
  3. DO NOT JUDGE, FORGIVE YOURSELF – If you feel like you have an addiction and you want to stop. Do not judge yourself, do not judge yourself for wanting to watch, do not judge yourself if you mess up when you try to quit. Just watch it, be still and think about what is happening. Giving in to any emotion it carries is not best of ideas.

4. FIND OTHER GOALS – Try sitting in silence for 10-20 minutes. This silence and not doing anything will make your brain want to do something. Always be searching for something creative that brings you joy in doing it, making something or developing. Do not think about money, or the future. Just the action itself.

5. DO NOT EXPECT ANYTHING – If you expect nothing, everything is amazing. Be along for the ride.

6. EXERCISE – A healthy body is healthy mind. Try to do 1 pushup and 1 squat whenever you go to the bathroom or before you view this material. Start small and work your way up. Exercise high enhances pleasure. You can use this fact to create bond (and maybe addiction if not careful) to doing exercise.

Remember everyone is very similar to you, just like you or me, they cannot help when doing bad things. Just like you or me would want to be forgiven. Be kind, love everyone and forgive everyone.

Please also consider therapy for help to improve yourself!

Some videos:

Porn addiction group talk
Mental Health series

Virtual human shadow

The human shadow is a concept of things we feel insecure or not proud of. All of the dark aspects of ourselves. Learning to integrate this is an important skill. There are situations where this could be dangerous if someone allows the shadow to take over.

We all have shadows of different size. It is important to realize this.

This is a concept I have for these kind of things. I believe in using the new digital space to provide relief, improve empathy, emotion. Not just for NSFW.

What about digitizing our desire for war or chaos or destruction. Using a proffessional or group to provide exposure therapy.

I think one of the things that can lead to mental illness or depression is being lonely in your situation. The community this provides could be worth it.

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