Socals / Support Me

If you’d like to support me, you can pledge to my Pages here:

Supporter Benefits

As a Supporter of my work you get:

  • Exclusive original character content
  • Early releases (Get animations a week early!)
  • Access to Work in progress images and video clips
  • Votes on animation styles and characters
  • Request image or story ideas

Or you can buy me coffee on Ko-fi! there will be little posts there sometime but it is just for one time supporter

Other social media pages:

Crypto Tips
If you would like to tip using a cryptocurrency, please use these addresses!

Monero (It is the future, fully private and the best!): 43AX2ymLuRtSV35xExubmP6PaRDCMgWEC9BH8kCGLx3EgTqVh4C4H7QGFj6PusgEWCbwUHjodJD4RiN1y916f2rxQEpxSDy

Bitcoin: bc1qpn2k6hty2tdahcs9qq78jr8maj8a590xr5wcn2
Etherium: 0x6D1b3596AC1C941816d5b6d3E327137b56ea70BF

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