November 2022 Plans

Hello everyone! πŸ’œ
I am back from a long break of life problems and moving around. Here are the plans for November!

Supporter Releases / Updates

Alice: Gym Giantess: A full giantess movie with my original character Alice! Alice is here to step on you, rub you in her feet and put you in her shoe!

Maya: Stinky Kicks: Gamer girl Maya is back! This time she will give you some sparring kicks! Followed by a foot worship handjob with shoe smelling. Get ready!

Supporter poll video: A short looping video voted for by supporters! Become a supporter to vote for your favourite characters!

Public Releases:

There are only image releases for public this month. I will keep this post updated if it changes!


My original character halloween giantess short is on sale! Get shrunk, stepped on and put in a shoe by a naughty witch!

Use code: spookysoles22 for $10 off!

As I get back to animation more projects will begin! Stay tuned! πŸ’œ

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