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Releases / Previews

All the final, release versions of my videos will be here for FREE. I don’t sell anything, supporting me is your choice and if you do so, I appreciate it 😛

I will also post previews here every month. These range in quality as I am at different stages for each animation when I post previews. More previews can be found on my patreon.

3 thoughts on “Releases / Previews Page Details

  1. Are you still active? And when will your next video be out?

    1. Yeah I’m still around. I have been doing a lot of stuff for patreon so I haven’t had a chance to re-render the videos for public release. Just done that though so expect new stuff this week 😛

      I did post previews of stuff though
      Lara Croft FJ-01 Preview –

      Bowsette FJ-01 image preview –

      These things are out on patreon but I’m not sure where to put previews for them.
      Do you think more people come here, should I be posting them here?

      So yeah, sorry about the delays. I have the Zelda video ready and I am re-rendering the widow video right now too.

    2. Just made a new post on the previews too if you want to look at that instead

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