Xmas Video Preview!

Happy Xmas Eveyone!

I was supposed to have this video done by today, But it got out of hand and I discovered my PC sucks at render 3+ character scenes. So Hopefully it will be ready for new year instead!

I have a 75% quality version with sound preview up on patreon if you can’t wait but I will try to finish and release it for New Year.

Video Links

Mega Link
Rule34 Link
Gyfcat Link [No Sound]

Check out my patreon for more previews, early releases and votes on animation types and characters 😛

9 thoughts on “Xmas Video Preview!

  1. Hello! you are a great artist!. Can you do D.va footjob?. Or sex with dva barefoot?. Regards

    1. Hey there, Thanks! <3

      I have made a D.va animation before. You can find it here:

      Or Here:

      That video is quite old. For new stuff. I am putting D.va on a list for Patreon voters next month. So if she gets enough votes I will be doing another video with her : P

  2. Honestly another D.va footjob would be the best thing ever. Hoping to be able to help you out on patreon soon. Also happy new year!

    1. She’s on the poll for patreon, so she should get another video soon if she’s voted for!
      Thank you for the kind words. Happy new year to you too! <3
      Sorry for the late reply

  3. When will Widow Dom-01 be released to the public?

    1. I’m just rendering out the final shots now. I have most of the sound work done so I just need to add those when they are finished. So maybe a week or so?

      1. Boi I don’t wanna be rude but where tf is dis, I’m literally losing my mind ;-;

        1. Sorry for the delay, I had to re-render the animation to filter noise. I also changed it around and re-did the sound before posting it publicly. Its up now though! Check the releases page for it.
          Sorry for the wait!

    2. Another update on that. I need to re-do one of the shots so it will take a little longer. YOu will probably see one or two videos before that one. Sorry for the delay

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