July 19 Plans

I have returned from family visiting and I am now full-time animating with part-time jobs. For everyone who stuck around and to new people who pledged, thank you so much! It means a lot to me to have such support in despite of absence!

Now I have more time, hopefully I can do you justice!

Current Animations:
Symettra ShoeJob-01: Final details and rendering to do, I hope for patreon release in 1st week of July

2B Femdom-01: This has more work to be done than Symettra video, but with my free time I also hope for release in the same week

Mercy X Futa Dva Ballbusting-01: I have base loop planned out and in similar situation to 2B, I hope to release in end of 1st Week or start of 2nd Week

Mercy + Tracer Worship-01: I have redesigned this animation and also plan for release in 2nd Week of July

Ahri X Samus FJ-01: I am questioning to re-make this or not, so i will hold out on releasing plans for now

Public releases:
Widowmaker 2in1-01: I will be releasing this in 2nd week of July, I will have a preview for 1st week too

July Voting and Personal Animations:
For now, I will do
2 animations from combination of vote categories and characters
2 personal animations (I will message people on 2nd of July)

If I manage to finish my backup of animations, I might add more from votes!

Votes are open now! So please hurry if you do not plan to re-pledge for July!

5 thoughts on “July 19 Plans

  1. I bow before you, these plans,…they are devine.

  2. Awesome! I’ll be looking forward to the releases! Much love.

  3. Can you make more double footjobs please, love your work

    1. I agree! The best kind ^^

  4. I agree footjob are the best !

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