October ’19 Plans

Okay, I have worked my way through animation I needed to finish and I am back to schedule when I start October animations (when voting is ended). I have bad mental experience sprout in this month but, it did not effect schedule that much so I still have releases!

The animation list:

Still for patreon release
Dva Femdom-01 : It is finished to be rendered, so it will come this week
Sombra X Mercy Worship: Final polishing pass to be done, I will have sound preview and release later for this week

Lara FJ-02: Released today!

Lost to Widowmaker (POV 2in1-02): A POV only animation with alot of feet worship. It is my long animation for this month. I have 3 pass of details added to 3/4 of it. I will make some time adjustment and finish detail of ending. Then I will do 1 more polishing detail pass. I will have animation preview this week.

Canceled animation:

Mercy X Futa Dva Ballbust: I spoke to requester that I cancel this animation. I could not bring to finish it in details. I would restart over and over. After many times I gave up : ( . I am lucky he was so kind and I was very anxious for his response because I was in wrong so much. But we agree on future plans for now

Zelda FJ-02: I already have FJ video with this character and I needed more time for other animations. Maybe it will return in future!

For Public release:
Tracer X Mercy Worship-01: 58 second video of Non-POV and POV section of worship. It will be released in this week on Thursday for me

Lara FJ-02: This released today on patreon. I have one fix to make so it will come next week.

Dva Femdom-01: This will come in second week for public release.

Ahri X Samus FJ-01: This has no patreon content because of copyright problem, I can understand this always! It is almost finished and will release sometime this week also if I can fit it to render.

Voting is open for patreon supporter now! For November month I think I can finally make a public vote for discord!
I am sorry for current lack of release this month. I keep hitting bad spot in my mental state : ( Maybe I just have weak mind but, I realize I have alot of fun in animation and if I can work as much as possible this anxious feeling goes.

I now make poster commissions on Ko-Fi! If you would like to request a poster for me to make. See the support page!

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