November 19 Plans

I reached a new goal this month! Even though it is back under goal I am looking to hardware improvement now. So I will be able to animate faster and render faster too! I will also be able to do sound work too while render : P

There is alot of new models in this month polls. I learn new skills and have new characters too!

Thank you to everyone who help me reach this goal! It gives me alot of motivation and I want to become even better!

At end of this month I will open commissions for people. I will make commission page on my site for this.


This month you will see

Dva Femdom-01
Mercy X Sombra Worship-01

Enuleth FJ-01
Lost to Widowmaker (POV Worship-01)

The first 2 animation only need final details so they should come soon!

For Widow animation will be later in month. There will be alot of patreon previews for these coming and Widow patreon release comes in few days!

I had another animation here but it is cancelled for now. Another animation for this month will replace it. I have too much work right now : P

So much work!

I realize I am trying to do so much here when I think about other animator I see. I will try to push through all of these animation for before next month but if it does not happen I will do 2 animation next month only. I see it maybe effect my quality even though I enjoy it making : P

Commission is exception of this.

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