January 20 Plans + Poster Pack

Happy Holidays to everyone!
I am sorry for no holiday animation this year. I have some posters I made instead to improve my skills. I just had too much for this month : P

Poster pack: https://imgur.com/a/uaQv65c [AGE 18+ ONLY TO VIEW LINKS]

Now I am on schedule to have 3 animations each month at least because I have finished all of the animations I need to and I am just adding some small fixes to patreon releases before public post!

I am also making my first VR video : P
This will be patreon only content for a long time because of the time and energy needed to render it. It takes about 5 to 6 times normal render time!

Titles changing
After vote on patron, I will make title more description based instead of plain number. You should see how I mean below

Patreon animations for January

There is one bonus video I do. It is almost finished. It is called
Ana and Pharah step on you
It is a POV animation, I think you can tell rest : P

For other animation, I am not sure yet! I am on schedule so people will pick now!
Polls are open!
I will do one personal animation for random $10+ patreon too

Public animation for January

I just release
Juri Han Beats U
after this post. It is fighting and worship animation!

For january there is
Chun-Li FJ-01
Akali training session
a long sweat foot worship animation with removing shoes!

1 thought on “January 20 Plans + Poster Pack

  1. omg the akali one sounds amazing

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