Febuary 20 Plans

Wow! already a month into 2020, I hope everyone is doing there best! Here are some updates and plans from me for Febuary

Current status

Right now I am rendering my new longest animation ever, yes, again : P It is a video with 2B with femdom theme sniffing and foot smother. I am also trying to finish Tifa animation while this renders.

Next month plans

For Febuary, I will do either 2 or 3 videos. THIS TIME if I end up making super long video like 2B video here it WILL ONLY BE 2 FOR SURE! I want to keep videos in their own months so patreons can get the animation in same month. I have note about this too

If you are patreon and you plan to unpledge for Febuary please message me on patreon for 2B animation link when it is done.

For Patreons

My plan is to show at least 1 Eevee test to all patreons and show full render or more animation tests to higher tiers, it will be mostly for longer videos like 2B.

There is new polls for character and category, please vote for who you would like to see!

After March I will stop personal animation for 1 or 2 month. I will still count pledge to chance of picked but I want time to make new characters and even bring original characters too!

Personal animation person will be picked by Feburary 4th

Thank you for all the support, I love you all

Public release for Febuary

Ashe X Mercy Worship-01: it comes about 2 weeks into Febuary, I need to add more detail to sole textures for scrunching and fix a few little things

You become 2B’s foot sniffer:
It will come later in Febuary, again it is longest video. I took a lot of care so I think there will not be much re-render stuff

Tifa sniffing footjob: I am working on details for this right now, it will come late in Febuary too. It is 15 seconds loop of sniffing feet footjob with Tifa

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