March 2020 Plans

Hey everyone! I hope you are all well. These are my plans for March animations : P

Public animation releases

Tifa Footjob-01 – Animation from January poll that will be released in early of March! it has been out on patreon for a while but I need to fix some small animtion before public release. It has taken me a while to come to it, you will see why in post : P

Patreon animations

Caught shoe sniffing by Widow – This will be my new longest animation yet, by how I look at things now, it will be 4 minutes long at least!

It is mostly POV video with shoe sniffing, a fight, foot smother, footjob with forced shoe sniffing and a special ending! There will be 2 versions for full POV or some POV and external angles : P

It will be released in March for patreons. I am working on the final scene still. After that I will start sound testing and render.

Tracer POV smother and crush – I started this animation but put all my focus onto the Widow animation for a long time, so I will return to it while I do the Widowmaker sound. This animation will have 2 versisons for gore and non-gore. It will be POV only for non-gore and have final non-POV angle for gore version. I think the title explains the video well enough : P

March Plans

For March I will do 2 smaller loop animations, 1 from personal animation of patreon and 1 from poll. I will focus a lot this month on making new original characters! but I may also do extra posters or comics for people in my discord or patreon if anyone would like some!
it is something special for you guys that actually read all of this. I love you all! : P

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  1. new OC’s sound like a cool idea, cant wait to see more.

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