April 2020 Plans

Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing great even during the strange state of corona world right now. Please be well!

These are my plans for April 2020

60FPS Animations!
Thanks to amazing support from patreon I am now able to do 60FPS animations!

You will see this after next 2 releases. So probably late April. Patreons have already seen some 60FPS work in a bonus video.

200 Patreons!
We have reached 200 patreons! I made a bonus video to celebrate. I think it is pretty good : P
Thank you for all of the support. The animations just keep getting better and it is all thanks to you <3

Public Releases for April

Caught shoe sniffing by Widow – a 4 minute long animation with fighting, femdom, footjob and special guest ending : P

Tracer smother and crush POV – This will be timed release, it will be more understood when I post it.

For Patreons
You guys are amazing <3

For April the releases will be

Stuck in Juri’s stirrup – A giantess animation loop : P

I will try to do 2 small loops from polling and 1 personal animation too. I need the 60FPS practice so I will be doing smaller loops for sometime before I do another long video.

Also! making original characters was also pushed to April too. So look out for those!

4 thoughts on “April 2020 Plans

  1. Thank you very much!

  2. love your works

  3. hi i want acces to patreon but i dont have a credit card is there a other way to pay you for patreon can you mail me the awnser

    1. You can also use paypal for patreon if you have that : P

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