Here are the May plans for 2020! I hope everyone is doing good in these tought times. It seems we can all make it back soon <3

May Patreon releases
For this month the patreon releases will be:
You become Lili’s footslave A long animation with multiple scenes and voice actress! In this video you are Lili’s (from TEKKEN) pet. After a long day she requires a massage. But if done right, she might let you sniff and worship too!

I am not sure of the time excactly right now but I am hoping for 3 minutes long. There will be femdom pet play (with leash), foot sniffing and kissing, little licking moving to small femdom fight. This leads to sniffing handjob and ending footjob

Sombra facesitting footjob – A simple footjob loop with facesitting and a remote toy : P

Triss Sniffing handjob VR release A VR version of the POV angle from the Triss sniffing video. The main video will come out public when VR is ready.

May public releases
For May public there is double witcher! For April month I was practicing my new 60FPS animation ability.

Triss sniffing handjob – Simple loop of a handjob with some toe and sole sniffing.

Yennefer ignoring footjob – Yen ignores while footjob happens!

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