JUNE 2020 Plans

This world is so strange today! Please be well everyone <3
Here are the plans for June 2020

You are Lili’s Footslave – This animation has become 5 minutes long. It has a long main scene with foot sniffing, pet play femdom and a short fight ending with iconic Tekken moves!. Then 2 loop scenes including Footsniffing handjob and a footjob with shoe sniffing.
I am finishing the final details, hair and clothes physics right now. It will be 1080p and have multiple versions:
– 2 Nail types: purple color and french pedicure
– 2 pantyhose types: black and white
– VR version

I will only post purple color 720p public. All other versions will be patreon only because of the render costs. Thank you all for the support to make 1080p videos now.

Sombra Facesitting Footjob – I am going to start this while I test the physics. It was supposed to be done last month but it has been moved back because of Lili video coming so long.


For this month, instead of 1 personal animation for a patreon, I am going to pick 7-10 people who are $10+ patreons and make posters for them! it will not reset any chance of future personal animation!

I am also doing 1 loop animation from polls. There are interesting video ideas there so please remember to vote! A character vote will be done after video style poll finishes : P


From now on I am going to put in more detail what I am working on in my discord. There is a channel called #current-projects. I will post here!
Discord link: https://discord.gg/xbGzr5G

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