October has come! Time for spooky stuff : P
I hope everyone is well <3

Currently, I am waiting on rendering. Current animations should all be released for patreons in October but some of these animations could come in November for public release instead if render time is too much. For October I am doing small loop animations to catch up on this render time and improve my skills with more focus.

Sniffing Sombra’s feet at the beach: A small loop with a lot of sniffing! Coming in 2 days!

Teachers foot pet (Anna Williams): Another long video! 6+ minutes with story and voice acting. It will release late in the month, coming to patreon first

Dva after dance smelling: A 2 minute video with shoe and foot sniffing. It will also release late in the month. Maybe November depending on render times

Juri Han – You lose POV: A 1 minute video game style femdom fight and footjob animation. With video game health bars and intro / ending graphics. It is a small example of what I could do in an actual game! (Without the extra worship mechanics I would add). Maybe November depending on render times

Lux’s game winning reward: A 1:42 minute animation with foot worship after winning a game! Very meta : P
Maybe November depending on render times

All of the animations I mentioned above will come to patreon 2 weeks before they actually release like normal.
Currently there is voting for this month of patreon animations! With spooky ideas : P
I am also going to pick someone for personal animation next week!

Commissions were put on hold until near end of this month. I want to make sure my render amount is clear before I start accepting commissions.

If you would like to see these animations early or see the W.I.P images, animation and sound tests. Check out my patreon page!

Thank you for the support! <3

2 thoughts on “OCTOBER 2020 PLANS

  1. Public release?

    1. The rendering was longer than I expected. You can find updated details here!

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