The year is almost over! I hope we finally put it behind us and move forward together!

Here are updates to curent projects!


Dva after dance foot sniffing: A snifing handjob with 1:30 minutes long! The POV angle is available on patreon right now. Other angles are still rendering.

Brigitte + Widow Foot sniffing footjob duo: 2 girls 1 guy. Footjob and foot sniffing!

2B tied pantyhose foot worship: Foot worship with panythose tied on the face.

Widowmakers Doormat: 1:30 minute animation of face rubbing with feet licking. It also has intro / outro

Ada Wong sunset footjob: 1:30 minute footjob video with toe grips focus. VR version will also come sometime in future!

Lara Croft Xmas footcare: 3:00 minute video with Lara Croft and a mini story. A foot massage after climbing becomes foot sniffing handjob

1 personal animation: Person will be chosen on December 8!


Dva after dance foot sniffing: This will release in week 2 of December
Brigitte + Widow Foot sniffing footjob duo: This will release in week 2 / 3 of December
Lara Croft Xmas footcare: This will release sometime between Xmas and the New years day

I have great plans for January and the first months of 2021 for big quality improvements. Get ready for cool changes, I will post more about that soon!

See early W.I.P. images, animation tests and get early releases on patreon here!

9 thoughts on “DECEMBER 2020 PLANS

  1. Why did some of your videos disappear?

    1. The is a new rule in the country I live that say I cannot do hard femdom videos anymore. I am sorry about this. It is only those videos that are removed.

  2. Hey, are you planning on doing more lesbian videos on the future? What about girls being slaves of girls?

  3. Out of curiosity, what country are you from (if you are comfortable saying).

    1. I do not like to say, I am sorry about this

  4. I really like your works

    1. Thank you! <3

  5. Where do we get the content if everything is deleted? 🙁

    1. The best place is here or or for high quality. All my videos will be there and on Mega links from this site

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