2021 PLANS!

Happy Holidays everyone! We made it!!
Here are my plans for 2021, and some updates!

January patreon releases:

Ada Wong sunset footjob + VR version: 1 minute footjob video with comeshot
Alice’s foot stool: 1 minute loop with teasing and a close up of feet on camera

January Public releases:

2B pantyhose “punishment” Short femdom foot worshipping loop
Widowmakers Doormat: 2 minute video with rubbing and sole licking

The Ada and Alice videos will also come later in the month. Released first on patreon!

Plans for 2021

Months 1-4 : I am doing 2-3 short videos each month. Each will have new ideas I want to try and things I want to learn.

1 personal animation randomly picked each month
1 voted animation from polls
1 that is either my idea or another personal animation if I have time

Months 5-10: I am going to check my progress and you can vote for either 1-2 long videos with a story or continue smaller loops.

Months 11: 2 short videos, voted and personal animation

Month 12:  Xmas video

Commissions: I will open commissions on January 1st. I will have 1 slot available. I will be sharing the W.I.P.s and update when slots are free here too.

Commission page: https://allfs3d.com/commissions/

There will be a discount for patreons!

Fight animations account
I needed to seporate the fight style animations I used to do from the AllFs3D page, I cannot do fighting and NSFW on the same page.

If you like the POV fighting femdom style videos but with no NSFW. Check out my new page: GameOverGirls

Website: gameovergirls3D.wordpress.com (NOT FINISHED YET)
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/gameovergirls
Discord: https://discord.gg/N2HBKXrpXe

This is just a small side project that will let me experiment. AllFs is still my main page and I can still do most femdom stuff. Nothing will change here!

Happy Holidays everyone!
Thank you for all the amazing support and kind words. Lets keep sharing how great feet are to the world! <3

4 thoughts on “2021 PLANS!

  1. I have 2 questions xD
    One is, ¿Why is your name Allfs3d?
    And the other one
    ¿What kind of new ideas and new stuff you want to try out? Just don’t spoil to much hehe

    1. The first answer is a mystery unless someone figures it out!

      I want to try new technique for socks and panythose, that is one thing

  2. new discord link please as the one you provided expired

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