Hello everyone! I hope you are well! Spread some love with me this month! <3

Here are the plans for Febuary 2021!

Public release for Febuary

Ada Wong sunset footjob – A footjob video with Ada Wong! It is on patreon right now. VR version will be on patreon soon too!

2B’s Footjob program – Another footjob video with 2B! Available on patreon right now!

Under Scarlet’s Soles POV – A femdom foot worship handjob with Scarlet from FFIV remake. It has some video game interface effects! Available on patreon right now!

At Goddess Mercy’s feet POV – A foot sniffing video with Mercy! It needs to be released on patreon first, it is rendering now.

Febuary Patreon release / animations

2B’s Footjob program – Available on patreon right now!

Under Scarlet’s Soles POV – Available on patreon right now!

At Goddess Mercy’s feet POV – This is available for Avid viewer now!

Maya’s Steaming soles – A video with my OC Maya as she streams a game with an overheating PC and footrest underneath. There will be a main version and a POV angle too. It will be about 1:30 minute long

Personal animation – TBA, I will make a post on patreon about personal animation and pick someone on the 8th of Febuary

Overwatch, 6 Feet Under POV – The extra animation! This is a foot smothering and sniffing POV video with Ashe, Dva and Widowmaker. It will have deep POV angles. There will also be a VR version!

Ada Wong footjob VR – Like my other VR animation, this will be available to Avid viewer+ !

10 thoughts on “FEBUARY 2021 PLANS

  1. Bless, I wish you all the strength, you need!

  2. I love all of this, is the maya streaming animation or overwatch, going to be the POV of a female?

    1. I wish it was a male…cuz ‘nurse mercy’s tired feet’ video was really hott.

    2. They will be male POV. I will have plans for Female POV next month!

      1. It would be cool if it was about Lady Dimitrescu, of course when a model is available

  3. I really wait for some evelynn hope there will be some asset’s of her n feet some pov mmmmm

  4. Does $1 patreon give me access to all the animations launched on February? Please I’m thinking of buying that

    1. It gives you access to all the animations in this list except for 1 or 2 of the “Febuary patreon release” because they might be released late in the month

  5. Thank you for all your hard work, you have the best foot fetish animation on the internet and its not even close! You are making these shitty pandemic times much more bearable with your high quality work. Stay strong and healthy my friend.

    1. Thank you for the kind words! <3

      I wish you all the best during these weird times. Stay strong and healthy too!

      Be well! <3

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