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Here are the plans for April 2021


UNDER STREAMER SOLES POV ANGLE: The final angle for the Streamer Soles video! Currently rendering

AFTER RUN WORSHIP (TRACER X MERCY): Currently available to $10+ patreons, coming to other tiers soon!

ADA WONG: ALL OVER YOUR FACE: A short POV movie starring Ada Wong (Voiced by KittenVOX) and an Umbrella scientist (You). With a lot of Sniffing, Worship and a twist ending!

ANDROID 21 WINS: This looks like it will win the poll but it might change? It will be a POV trampling video in the style of a Win screen of Android 21 from DBZ.

PERSONAL ANIMATION: I am picking a person for a personal animation on April 8th


TIFA X AERITH POV WORSHIP: Currently on patreon, it will release at end of 1st week in April (1 minute long)

AFTER RUN WORSHIP (TRACER X MERCY): Currently on patreon now, it will come sometime at the end of the month. (27 seconds long)

UNDER STREAMER SOLES MAIN VIDEO: The main video will be released when the POV angle finishes rendering. Extra angles will be patreon exclusive. It will also release sometime at the end of April (3:29 minutes long)

PREVIEW! Check out a preview of the Ada video here: https://twitter.com/AllFs_Project/status/1377188670839619589

If you would like to support me and get extra content check out my patreon here: patreon.com/allfs3d

5 thoughts on “APRIL 2021 PLANS

  1. Looking like another great month, just saw the Ada and Streamer previews on Twitter, I’m so excited. Thanks for keeping us updated and always having new projects

  2. Can you put the durations on the video please? C: thanks

    1. They are added!

  3. Oh my god I can’t wait for this Ada Wong video… It’s sooo freaking hot.

  4. Oh i’m overehyped by the Ada Wong one ! Hope the positive feedback will lead you to create more pantyhose/nylon content ! You’re great as always !

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