Hey everyone, I wish you well!

Recently, I have made great improvements to my animation, video and sound effects. I cannot wait for you to see these improvements in the upcoming animations : P

Here are the plans for May 2021!


Ada Wong: All Over Your Face | Runtime: 7:00 minutes: A movie starring Ada Wong and YOU!

Story: After you (Umbrella Scientist) escaped the city with Ada, she catches you staring at her feet. What is she going to do now?

It will have 2 versions: Pantyhose and bare feet

Android 21 Steps on you | Runtime: 1:17 minutes : A POV trample / stepping video in the style of a win pose. A lot of taunting and stepping on the camera with sweat effects.

Android 21 Steps on you in VR: Being stepped on has never looked so good…..

Poll animation: Still undecided! Voting is here:

Personal animation: I will pick a patreon for a personal animation on May 8th.

If you would like to vote on animations, get early accesss, W.I.P. content and have a achance for a personal animation of your choice, check out my patreon!


Dva After class worship | Runtime: 33 Seconds: A short video of different worship styles and some comedy. A new style that I will be using in future! (Currently available on patreon!)

Chun-Li at the beach | Runtime: 33 Seconds: A bonus video that was used to test out a foot shape made by my friend SneakySnacks (Currently available on patreon!)

Android 21 Steps on you : This could be released later in the month, I am not sure yet.

Thank you for reading! Have a great day : P

11 thoughts on “MAY 2021 PLANS

  1. RandomUsername78 April 28, 2021 — 2:15 pm

    A model by SneakySnacks themselves ??? Oh this is gonna be a nice one indeed

  2. For the Ada movie could you please use this model.

  3. Yeah for the Ada movie use this model from this video please. Ada Wong sunset footjob release here!

  4. Ada is my favourite so to see she’s getting a 7 min video??!! I am so looking forward to it!

    1. I hope I did her agent style well! I think the VA is very good!

  5. I see chun li in there… I am happy!

  6. Pls do ahri

  7. Any plans for the Ada vid to go public or patreon only?

    1. Hello!

      Any video I make with existing character from a game, movie, etc that is not my own will always be free and public.

      But, it will come out 2 weeks early on patreon. Looking at the render time for it right now, I think it will come out sometime in very end of May or June for public release.

      1. I can’t wait! The Ada vid you did make a while ago was so short and left me wanting more! I may even pay on patreon bc it’s a long wait 😣

        1. I did already and it will be huge shame if this video will show in june :/

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