August 2021 Plans

Hello everyone. I hope you are well!
I am back with plans for this month. There is a lot to come this month.


Lady Dim: Spooky Soles: A spooky footjob from Lady Dimitrescu

Sam: Browser History: A POV femdom video with the virtual assistant.

Kasumi foot sniffing femdom: A short video with Kasumi from DOA. It will have multiple outfit versions and a femdom pose.

K/DA Evelyn’s backstage footstool: Another femdom style animation with foot sniffing, worship and femdom pose

Personal animation: Someone will be picked soon. If you are a patreon please check your messages on August 8th!

Bonus animations: Some bonus exclusive animations with my original characters!

VR Videos!
Lady Dim: Spooky Soles VR: A spooky footjob from Lady Dimitrescu
Sam: Browser History VR: A POV femdom video with the virtual assistant.


Lady Dim: Spooky Soles: A spooky footjob from Lady Dimitrescu. Releasing in second week of August

Sam: Browser History: A POV femdom video with the virtual assistant. Releasing in third week of August

Have a nice day! : P

16 thoughts on “August 2021 Plans

  1. Looks nice, I’m excited about the Sam video. If you can receive a mini-hint, don’t make half of your content (that is GODLY BTW!!!!!) only patreon. We know that it’s important, but it’s kinda making your fans sad. Keep up the good work, I hope I didn’t made you embarassed or sad or anything like that.

    One of your biggest fans from the begining: G

    1. Hello!

      With respect to your comment. I have not made any videos exclusive to patreon yet. Only extra angles 1 time and VR videos which are close to the same but require many extra hours of time and cost to render.

      I think if you compare to other content creators in this space. I am one of if not most giving of free content.

      I want to add exclusive original content so that I can get support for even bigger projects with original characters that I can give to everyone (including a game, movies, future sensory experiences, etc.). I think it is also a bonus to people who really believe in these goals.

      They probably wont be exclusive forever like other creators do so do not worry!

      have a nice day!

      1. You are doing god’s job

    2. As another comment, i realize the post maybe looks confusing.

      The patreon releases this month with not original characters will be released next month.

  2. Hi Allfs3d, thank you for your work! I wanted to ask something. I am thinking about becoming a 10$ Tier Patreon for the VR content but I am unaware of how many (Or which) VR videos you have made so far that are available, could you fill me in on this? Moreover, which software would you recommend to watch them on? Thank you!

    1. Hello!

      After the Sam and Dimetrescu videos this month there will be a total of 6 VR videos on my patreon!

      I am looking at converting some of my other videos to VR too now that I have figured out the render method for them!

    2. For software, It really depends on the headset or system you are using. I render as 180 Side-by-sdie, 180 top-bottom and 180 degrees. Any software that can run these videos should work!

  3. “Marksen. Kamarksen”. August 2, 2021 — 11:17 pm

    Please, any chances to have some Patreon releases in the future!? Like Public!? Thank You already, Creator.

    1. Hello!

      Any patreon releases with non-original characters will be released public 1 month after patreon release

  4. Like you and support you

  5. when lady dim will be released? have a date?

  6. Hello, newly arrived here ! Love your work !

    Are you gonna do some animations with pantyhose or stockings ?

    Thank you very much !

  7. It’s been 3 weeks now where is Sam?

  8. these are looking great! are there more Valorant content to follow? I really love the one with Viper

  9. Third week right? Why do you promise something you can’t do on time?

  10. Para cuando el video de Sam?

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