Hello everyone, I hope you are well.

Here are the plans for September 2021!

Patreon releases

Tifa steps on you: A POV animation with Tifa from FF7

Jill Valentine: Survivor stink: A foot sniffing blowjob with Jill from resident evil!

Personal animation: A person will be picked on 8th day of September.

Bonus commissions: Extra W.I.P. and bonus images and animations from commissions I am working on!

And all of the public releases are there right now!

Public releases

Kasumi foot sniffing femdom: A short video with Kasumi from DOA. It will have multiple outfit versions and a femdom pose.

K/DA Evelyn’s backstage footstool: Another femdom style animation with foot sniffing, worship and femdom pose

Ada Wong: Special Agent footjob: A grapple, shoe smelling footjob with Ada Wong.

Choose the animations I make, see early releases, bonus animations and W.I.P. content here!
I hope you have a great day and month!

7 thoughts on “SEPTEMBER 2021 PLANS

  1. Hey man. First of all, great work. I really love what you do. I just wanted to know when the public releases will be. Like, first week, second? Thanks! Keep up the good job you’re doing!

    1. same here

      1. +1

        1. I think bc he hasn’t posted his previous vid as expected, he can’t make sure that these upcoming weeks will be posted at the right time

  2. You sure do give Ada Wong a lot of love but maybe give a little bit of love to Claire Redfield just a thought

    1. I just wanted to say I’m not trying to demand you to make claire video I’m just hoping that one day I see that you made a Claire footjob and I’ll be pleasantly surprised

  3. Hey do you plan on releasing the patreon videos later on public?

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