Hello everyone. I hope you are well!

Here are the plans for November 2021. I am using the end of this year to train for longer animations in 2022. It is a great time to request ideas for the end of this year.

Patreon updates:

Kitana Feetality POV release : Can you handle her feetality? Or will you fall at her feet? [1:32 minutes]

KDA Kai’sa: Feet beats release : Kai’sa foot worship and smelling [40 seconds | 2 versions]

Lara Croft Footjob POV release : POV footjob from Lara. [50 seconds]

Trick or Treat…..? : The bonus images of my original character IRIS.

Update for end of 2021! : The plans for my end of year. I discuss the changes and looking for longer animations and stories.

November Patreon plans:

Image and posing training: I will be taking lots of patreon ideas to practice my posing and story telling. This will help in future animations!

1 Personal animation: A person will be picked on 11/08!

Learning animation skills and writing script for longer animations in 2022

VR versions of videos.

Public updates:

It is November! I will be posting quiet updates at some points but I will post lightly this month. The releases above will be posted at the end of the month and next month!

Thank you for the kind words and support. Have a wonderful day <3

3 thoughts on “NOVEMBER 2021 PLANS

  1. Do you plan on releasing the scarlet dominanting footjob to public?

  2. I dont think you have ever done a Nina Williams vid, you should definetely do a nina williams footjob or trample

    1. “Marksen. Kamarksen”. November 11, 2021 — 3:40 pm

      Best comment I ever seen in ages. I am with You!

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