Hello everyone!

🎄 Happy Holidays! 🎄 Here are the plans for December 2021

Patreon Releases

Miss Claus: Giving and recieving: The Xmas special! Here you travel to deliver Miss Claus a gift. She decides to give you the gift of her delicious hard working feet in well worn pantyhose. Join her by the fire for foot fetish fun, kisses and some wise words in this POV adventure!

Poll animation: Currently voting for this month. So many characters available. Come and vote now! Vote here | Or Here

Personal animation: Someone will be picked for a personal animation on 8th day of the month!

Chun-Li: smell of defeet: a POV animation with Chun-Li. Testing out new effects that I will use in my animation series. Available now!

Exclusive tests: Some exclusive testing of face motion and new models of original characters for my animation series

Bonus images: Extra image work I do for posing practice!

Public releases:

Lara Croft footjob POV: A rough footjob with Lara Croft!

Kitana’s Feetality: Femdom foot worship with Kitana from MK11!

Chun-Li: smell of defeet: a POV animation with Chun-Li. Testing out new effects that I will use in my animation series.

Bonus images: Some bonus images that were completed in November!

Please look forward to big projects next year!
Happy holidays : P

7 thoughts on “DECEMBER 2021 PLANS

  1. This is really great ! I’m happy for you that you’re moving to the next step !
    Will the miss Claus video go public the month after it’s release on patreon ?

    Keep up the excellent work <3

  2. When are u even gonna post the miss clause one

  3. When do you think the next video will be made available to the public?

  4. Hey! You doing great work!
    Maybe u can do a vid with Loba or Emma Frost(from Marvel)? It would be great and fire af!

  5. Hey Allfs,
    First of all thank you for all the hard work that you put out.
    I’m writing you because I see there are discrepancies within the public releases (like some videos released one to two months after the patreon release even if it says two weeks), and there is no communication about the delays whatsoever. I don’t blame you, you’re probably busy and have lots to think about, I’m just curious if there’s a specific reason for this.

    Now I know i could/should be a patron and access the releases early but it is not something I can afford right now unfortunately (and I think I’m not the only one here), but know that I really enjoy your work and hope you keep going forward. 🙂

    If you see this comment, I would be really glad if you gave some updates.
    Thanks a lot and happy 2022 !

    1. Hello!
      End of year 2021 was very busy for me. i could not respond so fast. It says two weeks but that is minimum. Sometimes the releases on patreon are not final versions so they get delay of public post until final verison is finished. I hope this explains!

  6. Drop the chun li one bigman

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