Hello everyone! I hope you are well. Here I will discuss plans for march!

Big Upgrades!

Thanks to the amazing support on Patreon and Subscribestar, I have got big upgrades for making animations!

Now I will be able to do longer animations with more detailed animations for body and face! A new movie animation is being voted for on the support platforms if you want to vote for it now!

Supporter Releases

A new movie poll is here! Vote for it here or here

Alice and the Gym Rat: A GTS / Size video with my OC, Alice! She finds a tiny man at the gym and decides to warm him up with her sweaty gym feet.

Widowmaker Shoe sniffing footjob: A video with Widowmaker. Heels sniffing and nylon footjob!

Comics and images: A comic featuring Aunt Cass and other images from supporter requests!

Public releases
All videos with non-original characters will be released eventually!

Thank you to all supporters. You guys help make these projects even better! <3

Have a nice day!

4 thoughts on “MARCH 2022 PLANS

  1. You rock, keep it up!


  3. please more overwatch if not have it i will die QAQ overwatch!

  4. I love what you do and i really want to get your subscription , but i cant bro, cause im in a country that we cant have pay pal account cause we are filtered , and we cant have a credit card with another type of money like dollar or anything like that, all i want to say is thats unfair i cant get your subscription and see your subscription videos, i really want to see them , what can i do? Thats really unfair 😢

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