Hello everyone! I hope you are well this month.

Here are the plans for April 2022!

Patreon releases

POV: Ganked by KDA: 4vs1 foot worship, footjob feet party as KDA members rub feet all over you! Being ganked has never looked so good!

Lady D Steps on You: You entered the wrong castle! Time for mommy vampire feet to punish you!

Harley Quinn Foot worship: Harley caught the bat and wants him to worship her…

MOVIE W.I.P.: SOLE QUEEN: The Villager: You have been sent to a deep dungeon to defeat the sole queen!

Iris: Summoners Shirnk POVVR: VR version of the Iris video I made in March. Get shrunken and stepped on in VR by Iris the devious witch!

Public Releases
I will be posting some images this month and some trailers for the original content! Any videos with non-original content will release here eventually!

Consider supporting me here or here for exclusive original content and behind the scenes bonuses!

Have a nice day! : P

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