MAY 2022 Plans!

Hello everyone! I hope you are well <3

Here are the plans for May 2022. This month is great for supporters.

After very hard KDA animation, I am taking it a little easier but doing a lot of supporter image requests. If you want a chance for your request to be made into an image. This is the month!

These plans maybe updated!

Patreon releases

POV: Ganked by KDA | 2:58 minutes: KDA gank you with their feet! Being ganked never looked so good….
Available now on supporter platforms!

Lady D Steps on You | 1:50 minutes: Evil tall Vampire milf steps on you with her sweaty aromatic feet and stockings. There is no escape from this sticky situation!

Supporter image requests: Get your requests created as images!
Here, here or here [Ends May 14th]

VR releases
Iris: Summoners Shrink POV VR release: The first original character giantess video goes VR! Get shrunk and stepped on by this naughty witch in VR!

Public releases

POV: Ganked by KDA | 1:38 minutes: Coming in second week of May!
Ada Wong: AOYF Pantyhose version: A classic re-rendered with new Pantyhose technology. Experience it how it was originaly intended.
Images posts:
Some image posts from previous support requests
Trailers for OC content!

Consider supporting me for Exclusive original character videos, early releases, W.I.P. content and voting on characters!

Have a nice day! <3

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