Update + April Plan


For the past weeks in March my IRL study issued me a massive amount of coursing to do. This took up most of my time in 11/03 to 27/03. I have had long days and no sleep for nights. It has taken a toll on me and I became very depressed and unable to start work on any animation stuff for a while. I was questioning myself and my head. I locked myself in for a while too. It has been very rough but I think I have recovered to make more stuff on here.
Luckily, I have a lot of time in April and I have less work than standard for a while, so I am free to do animation much more than previously.

I am sorry for the delay of posts. My head has been unclear and I don’t want to let more people down πŸ™
If you would like a refund for this month I understand, I will process all as soon as I can. For those who are new: Thank you for the support, I am sorry this was your first month of my content. It should get better from now on


– I have too much work from coursing -> I had long days and no sleep for nights
– I became really depressed, unable to animate without feeling awful and angry
– I am sorry for the lack of posts, I now have time off in April so I can do more animation in that time.
– If you want a refund for this month, I will process as soon as I ca


– Finish Ashe Femdon-01
– Finish 1 of 2 long personal animations (Tracer X Mercy Worship-01)
– 2 Short loop animations (From votes)
-2 short personal animations (I will send messages on 2/04 and post votes too)

For real this time I want to stop long animation for a while. It burns me out and I think it caused this unhappy state for me too.

2 thoughts on “Update + April Plan

  1. Man I was wondering. Don’t even worry about the animations your health is more important and I mean you only missed like one or two posts anyways nothing big 😊

    1. Thank you for the wishes and kind words <3
      It means so much to have supporters like you!
      Hopefully I can make up for being gone this month!

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