Update + May Plan


Final render for Ashe femdom is 70% done. I will have full no sound preview before end of April but sound may take a few days after that (it is 1:30+ mins video).

– Samus Worship-01: Animation is finished, I am managing render between this and Ashe to hopefully release in April also
– Dva X Mercy Worship-01: Animation also finished, this will be quicker to render
– Ahri X Samus FJ-01: Small details are needed, about 80% finished for animation

So right now, I am just rendering and finishing small details

– Finish Tracer X Mercy Worship and Futa Dva x Mercy Ballbust (MUST DO!)
– 2 Animations from patreon votes (Polls are 1st May to 7th May)
– 2 Personal animations (I will random pick people and message you when poll finishes if you are $10+ patreon)


I now stream a lot of animation work here: https://picarto.tv/AllFs3D

– I stream making animation and YOU can help me with feedback and suggestions!
– I will also play Sound previews on stream sometimes for feedback on sound.

3 thoughts on “Update + May Plan

  1. Whatever happened to all the animations that were supposed to come out in April ? I don’t mean to be rude, and I don’t even know if you bother reading these, but I’ve stopped donating to you on patreon last march simply because of 2 things and they are related : You’re somewhat inconsistent with releases, and it can somewhat be attributed to the fact that you have so many patreon tiers that people browsing your patreon can get lost, least of all you it seems. And this brings to the second point : To me it really felt like your patreon was simply there for the people that had a shitton of money to spend and be a 20 or 10 bucks patrons, because while your website & your patreon advertises that all of your content eventually get released to even 1 bucks patrons, most of them are simply forgotten and never released even after months, and only 20 & 10 bucks patrons ever get to see them. I was people commenting on this multiple times and even saw a few people offering advice, but I don’t know if they’re even being taken seriously or simply ignored. I follow like a dozen or more people on patreon, and I pay all of them between 1 to 3 bucks and I generally get most of the benefits, you were the first one I paid 5 bucks for 3 months straight and decided to simply stop bothering for the two previous reasons I listed. I really felt that for 5 bucks you weren’t getting much, let’s not even talk for people who pay less than 5, and I’m sorry but an extremely small number of people can justify paying 20 bucks a month for these kind of things. I know this sounds like a rant but honestly it is not, you may take this as somewhat of an advice, or you may simply ignore it alltogether. I’m still checking your website like once every week or two,to see if there’s any progress and/or improvement, and who knows I might come back to your patreon before the year ends if I still improvements. Good luck.

    1. Animation is hard and takes time, i understand where you’re coming from, but I’m certain, he does his best to please his audience.

    2. I am still learning so please bear with me when I speak. English is not the best for me but I will try my best:

      April animations:
      – Finish Ashe Femdon-01 [No Sound version is up today. It is a 2 minutes video]
      – 2 Short loop animations [1 / 2 able to be done]
      – 2 Personal animations:
      [1. Animation is done, final render waiting]
      [2. Final details to animation to be added]

      – Finish 2 Personal animations from march
      I am going to finish these this week for May hopefully.

      What happened:
      I am still new to animation and I went too far with video length. I made a 2 minute video and did not see how long it actually takes to make. This took up a lot of time because I had to render over 4000 frames by accident (I do about 10 every 12 minutes). Now I have to add sound to this monster length of video.

      The sound work takes a lot of time for me generally now I am improving but adding sound to a 2 minute will take a while to do.

      For my Patreon:

      I do not expect people to pay that much for my animation, only those that really like it do (And it shows, they are very friendly and help me a lot with comments and suggestions).

      “most of them are simply forgotten and never released even after months,”

      This is not true, my most recent public animation is Ela FJ-01 and my latest patreon release (Dva X Mercy) is only 1 release apart

      All of my animations end up free for all. Some animations I have scrapped and only shown on patreon because I felt they would give me bad name (I was unhappy with them. This is maybe 2 or 3 animations)

      I am still learning, but I want to give as much as I can for behind the scenes.

      I realize that because of this long video problem, I have not been able to give people more videos. So I am not doing any more long videos for a while.

      Also, because of this I am making all of the full rendered Ashe Femdom animation clips (with no FX) on my patreon for all patreons. While I finish sound and effect work.

      I am also shortening gap on some future releases between tiers so that more animations come in shorter times.

      I am also going to give $5 animation WIP and give all tiers OpenGL Renders (Rough Quality version)

      I am sorry for the mistakes and grateful for all of your support. The fact I was the first $5 tier for you is amazing to me, I must have done something right!

      I want to take all advice, I take all advice seriously. I am trying to include as much pole contribution as possible and work with people for personal animations.

      I now also take subtle suggestions on livestream and ask for advice with sound (and play sound tests) sometimes (As a rare but nice chance to see some of the sound progress and have input too).

      I still do not think I am the best animator I can be, but I see my self getting better in recent animations I do.

      I wish you best and hopefully you will come back sometime when I have improved some more : P

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