Samus Worship-01 Release

Samus giving a personal session, how long will you last?
Mega links: Full | Non-POV | POV Only
Rule34 Links: Full | Non-POV | POV Only
Gyfcat Links: Full | Non-POV | POV Only

Model by: Arhoangel

8 thoughts on “Samus Worship-01 Release

  1. You’re a generous god, truly. Bless you and much love!

    1. I am not so generous these past months, I have had rough real life problems so I have not put out as much as I would like : (

      My position has gotten better recently though, so more content is coming!

      Thank you for the kind words <3

  2. I’m in no position, by any means, to ask for such a favor, but realistically, is there a chance, that we could get a default skin on Samus? (Zero Suit)
    Thx a lot for everything!

    1. For this video?
      Maybe in future? It would not take long labor wise, it is only render times.

      I am stacked up with animation for now, but maybe : P

      1. You’re the boss and believe me when i say, whatever you do in future projects, i’ll be supporting, you as best as i can!

        1. Thank you, that means so much! <3

          After I catch up with the animations I have to finish, I will be able to deliver more stable releases and get even better : P

  3. All your POV works are a masterpiece

    1. Thank you <3

      They are my favorite to make so I will continue to make them!
      I hope you continue to enjoy : P

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