August 19 Plans

July Problems

After I had problems in early July for changing systems, I have now resumed animating. I need to finish this list of animations I have. Then I will make a new schedule.

For patreons: I paused billing schedule so nobody is charged for August month. (Free month! : P )

August Plan

I realize I made too much work for me to do. So I will finish these animations this month and then rewrite a schedule for working in new months
(It will still have voting and personal animation too!)

Animations to Finish:

Symettra ShoeJob-01: Final detailing

Mercy + Tracer Worship-01: I have redesigned this animation and added a POV part

I am working on these two above now!

Mercy X Futa Dva Ballbusting-01: Restarting work after above 2 finish

Ahri X Samus FJ-01: Remaking with new model

2B Femdom-01, Dva Femdom-01, Zelda FJ-02: Voted animations (smaller loops)

For Ahri X Samus and Zelda videos, I will be posting a lot of W.I.P. content here. It will be similar to my patreon content. I hope you enjoy seeing the proccess!

Thank you for the encouraging comments, I am sorry I have let these problems get to me

2 thoughts on “August 19 Plans

  1. is there gonna be a guy involved in the mercy x futa dva video or will it just be the two of them? any other lez projects planned? ;p

    1. it will be only 2 of them

      Maybe I will have more 2girls animation this month, it is doing well in votings right now!

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