Ahri X Samus FJ-01 Preview + Patreon update

Here is a link to some early preview pictures! As I grow, I will upgrade my site for embeds to stop needing imgur links.
https://imgur.com/a/PRuQqKL [AGE 18+ ONLY TO VIEW LINKS]

This is what you will find on my patreon. But also animation previews and sound previews!


At the end of the month, I will change my patreon tiers like this:

$1 – WIP images and votings
$5+ All sound previews, animation previews and extra votings

I am also removing delay on releasing. I want all the feedback i can get! So I will publish animations 1-2 weeks early for all patreons to get feedback for sounding changes.

I am still discussing this with patreons, but it seems to be ok for them. I am glad!

More content is coming soon! I am sorry for the dry month : (

If you have anything to discuss, join my discord to speak to me!

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