September 19 Plans

After I almost finish a lot of long animations, I am back to work for faster content and new schedule! And voting is back also : P

Animations to finish

Symettra ShoeJob-01: Sound to finish only
Mercy + Tracer Worship-01: Final detailing on Non-POV section
Dva Femdom-01 : Final detailing and sound
Mercy X Futa Dva Ballbusting-01: Restarting work after above 3 finish
Ahri X Samus FJ-01: Remaking as smaller loop

September animations
I will also make 2 animations from voting and 1 animation for patron with Nova Widowmaker

There will be a lot of releases this month, please look for this!
for this month onwards I will make smaller loop animations and make 2-3 animations from voting and 1-2 animations from patreon persons.

These will be maybe 10-15 seconds, I realize I am too ambitious for 30+ second video and it shows for build up of animations I have to finish but, I have learned so much from this! With smaller animation length I can work on more detail and not be burned out trying to finish long videos : P

4 thoughts on “September 19 Plans

  1. Lots of overwatch stuff i see. That’s cool. Hope you’re doing well bro.

    1. Thank you! I break from OW for a while, but it is back! it seems popular indeed

  2. Is voting open to everyone or only patreon supporters? Regardless, I love your animations dude! The Zelda one from a while back has got to be my favorite, keep it up man!

    1. For now, it is only patreon. I said maybe in future I will do other votes through discord server as I free schedule!

      Thank you for these kind words!

      I apologize for slow relying : (

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