December 19 Plans

This month I take on 4 x 1 minute+ animations : P

I think I can do it with my animation speed improving but I need more powerful machine for all this render. I thought I had right parts from upgrade goal but it needs more thing to prevent damage: (

Here is animations update:

Patreon details:
Brigitte 2in1-01…. Out on patreon! small fixes coming and public release soon

Pharah X Brigitte Worship-01….. It will come to patreon for everyone on 11/30. If you cannot view it in time please contact me somehow, I will send you a link

Akali training session (Shoe removing and worship)….. Is almost finished in animation, small details to add now. it is 1 minute + 15 second loop
I am considering VR video for this loop

Juri Han beats U (2in1-01)…. I added small fight intro to this animation! The loop needs some small details and the fight intro needs small face details added

Patreon polls are now open for this month animations! I will pick random person on second day of December for personal animation : P

Public release:

Brigitte 2in1 will come in early month of December

Pharah X Brigitte will come maybe 1 or 2 weeks in December

Akali and Juri animations will be last week of December

Thank you for all of your support!

2 thoughts on “December 19 Plans

  1. Your works are great! a small advice, could you consider mute the man’s moans or make another version?

    1. Actually not that bad of an idea, I was thinking about that as well.

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