Brigitte 2in1-01 Release

Some details about video and update:
So I plan to make small changes before public release but my upgrades have problems. Now after I have fix upgrade problem my new cards do not work with older software version. So I make the changes and then realize I could not render it anymore. It sucks : (
It will be like this for this video and next video but all my animation work is now on newer versions of software anyway so it is okay from now on.

Mega: Full | POV
Rule34: Full | POV
Pornhub: Full | POV

2 thoughts on “Brigitte 2in1-01 Release

  1. Is there going to be a christmas themed video, like your work

    1. For now I am going to post a lot of posters for Xmas. Some will be Xmas themed! : P

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