AUGUST 2020 Plans

I hope everyone is well! I am a litte late but I can give you full detail of the August plans now!

Public releases

You are Lili’s footslave – This animation will release sometime in late of August. It has become almost 6 minute long with almost 5 minute of unique animation. It has voice acting too. It will be foot and shoe sniffing, denied worship, fighting, handjob with feet and a footjob.

That is about it for this month. The Lili video is so long it took up too much render time. After it finishes render I am going to render the 2 animations for July. These will come out quickly after on patreon but it means there will be more releases in September for public! : P

Patreon Releases

You are Lili’s footslave – It will be released next week ( FINALLY!!! )

Akali punishes you backstage This animation has some sniffing, some kicks and some smothering. With voice acting too! I really stepped up the video and audio effects on this one for the tests so I cannot wait for everyone to see! : P

Ada Wong intergoates you – The personal animation for July, A POV loop with a lot of sniffing and face rubbing. Hopefully pantyhose version too!

Teachers foot pet POV (Anna Williams) – What I am currently animating right now while everything else renders. A big story animation with a lot of voice acting!

Here are the details:
Scene 1:
Anna catches you staring at her feet. [Shoe dangling about 1:30 minute long]
Scene 2: She removes shoes and you massage, kiss and sniff her feet [About 1:45 long]
Scene 3: Sniffing handjob [About 51 seconds]
Scene 3b: Small ending with kissing [About 30 seconds]
Scene 4: Either worshipping feet under desk while she works [20-30 second loop]
Footjob [20 – 30 second]
Scene 5: The other idea from scene 4

I am having a lot of fun animating this one and I have done a lot of work so far. I will know for sure in a few days if I am able to add scene 4 and 5. The render will not be as long as the Lili video. I made a mistake of trying to render the Lili video in 1080p. That won’t happen again : P

There is also the personal patreon animation! I have not picked someone yet. I am focusing on getting as much work done as I can early. I hope everyone is working hard and well!

I took a little time at the end of July to work out new ways to add detail. I learned new programs and created a system to let me animate smaller details more quickly. Look out for these details.

Thank you all for the support! < 3
Feet are amazing!

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