It is September already!? I hope everyone is well. Remember to work hard on what you love!

In September I will finish all of my starting original characters! They will be open for use in commissions. There are 7 right now. I have posted W.I.P images on patreon of 3. There is 4 to go!

These characters will be available for use in commissions if anybody is interested in this. With this, I will also have commission rates posted too. I will make a post here and make a page for them in this site and my Twitter account. It will also have images of all the characters.

You are Lili’s footslave: This animation is finally finished! It is 7:04 minutes video length with about 5:30 minutes of unique animation. My longest released video yet until new Anna video releases : P
Coming: September 02

Akali punishes you backstage: A 1 minute animation with sniffing, kicking and smother. It also has voice acting! This will release later in the month and be released on patreon soon!

Ada Wong interrogates you: A smaller loop of smothering and sniffing. Like with Akali animation above, it releases later in month and on patreon soon.

Akali punishes you backstage: Coming in about 4 days
Ada Wong interrogates you: Starts render after Akali video
Sniffing Sombra’s feet at the beach: A 20 second video of sniffing and handjob. Starts render after Ada video

Teachers Foot pet (Anna Williams): A 6 minute video with Anna Williams from TEKKEN. It has voice acting also! This will be rendered last since it is the longest. So I expect it to release mid-late of September.

Other details:
Currently voting is happening on patreon! It is for a smaller length animation this month (< 2 minutes). I need a break from 5+ minute animations to let all the rendering happen : P
Poll Link

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