Hello everyone, this post is a little late because I was sick with a virus (Not the big one I think). I am feeling better now, I hope everyone is well! <3

Luckily I could still get some work done after the first day and the rest of the time I was rendering anyway.


Teachers foot pet (Anna Williams): I am posting the final release with the extra bonus scene on patreon after this post. The public release will be 11/08, the video length is 7 minutes+

Juri Han – You lose POV: This released on patreon a few days ago, it will be coming in 11/13

Lux’s game winning reward: Currently rendering with about 3 days left. It will be posted to patreon then. So I expect public release in just over 2 weeks from now.

Dva after dance smelling: I will start rendering this after the Lux video. I will know for sure when it will be posted then. I will update the discord channel with this infomation.


All of the above animations are either available on patreon right now or will come out on patreon first, 2 weeks earlier.

Sniffing Footjob duo (Brigitte and Widowmaker): A loop animation with Brigitte foot sniffing and Widowmaker footjob (personal animation of the month)

2B Pantyhose punishment: Loop with Foot gagging and small amount of sniffing with pantyhose tied around the face.

Still voting: for November animations, also I am picking someone for personal animtion on 11/10. If you would like to vote for animations check out my patreon


I am sticking with smaller loops for November, then I will do a longer Xmas animation. I am going to have a vote for it on patreon. It will be sometime in middle November so I have time to plan it.

OC and commissions are still on hold while I free the render amount I have right now. I am not doing anymore 4 minute+ animations for a while so I can catch up on the rendering.

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