Teachers foot pet (Anna Williams) release

Finally! my last 5+ minute video of this year. This one is 7+ minutes!

I had a lot of fun making it and I learned so much! But the render timing is just soooo long : P

Enjoy! <3

Mega Link
Rule34 Link
Rule34Video Link
NewGrounds Link

Anna model by me
Male model: Arhoangel
Voice of Anna: BordeuxBlack

12 thoughts on “Teachers foot pet (Anna Williams) release

  1. Amazing! Please keep up the good work and do more like this. One of the best I have ever seen.

    1. Thank you for the kind words! <3

  2. Awesome Job! Hope you can do a movie one day!

    1. A movie would be fun! but the time it takes just for 2+ minutes is so much : P

      1. I understand. Do the best you can.

  3. I really loved great work. I wish you the best of luck. Is there going to be part 2 of this video? I hope you do Anna or nina.

  4. Amazing job, I really love this animation, it’s simply perfect! I really really want to see more pov kissing though and a part two also!

  5. Please…… more under desk vids

    1. I have under desk ideas for future videos!

  6. absolutely phenomenal vid! I really hope you’ll do more Anna vids.

    1. Thank you! I would like to also!

  7. Más vídeos como el final de este de lamer los pies y materselos en la boca

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